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A day in Kalsoy – Faroe Islands

A day in Kalsoy is a must, a look to the wild on the Faroe Islands. We saw the island from the distance the day before from Gjogv:
Kalsoy from Gjogv

To reach to Kalsoys, you need to get a fery from Klasvik. Even from the ferry you start to feel that the place is unique.
Kunoy and Kalsoy

You can spot fishermen, working in their boat, fishing between the isles of Kalsoy and Kunoy…a beautiful place.

A man working in the fjord of Kunoy

This is taken at the lighthouse of Kalsoy, you feel like if you were at the edge of the World.


From there you can see many other distant islands.

The witch and the troll

This is the view to the other side, with a man at the very edge of the cliff….standing in front of the giants. Can you spot him?

Kalsoy lighthouse also is a meeting point for trekkers:

A couple in Kalsoy

And on the way back, you can get the most Faroese postcard, some sheep laying at peace, looking at the horizon.

Faroese sheep

It is a good place for quiteness and meeting some icelandic horses and birdlife:


Horse in Kalsoy

Horses in Kalsoy

When you walk, you conquer.

Kalsoy – Faroe Islands, 2016

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